Why Are My Arlo Cameras Not Recording Fix It Now! “5 Steps”

Arlo cameras do not record because of several reasons. But here in this guide, we have researched and found some proven ways to fix your Arlo camera recording issues.
Follow our step-by-step guide below:

1. Subscription Status and Device Settings:

Subscription Status:

Arlo has many subscription plans. In Arlo’s free plans continuous recording might be limited or unavailable. Here’s to ensure your subscription plan:

  • Verify Your Subscription: Access your Arlo account and go to the Subscription section. Check your plan and its recording capabilities. Generally, the free plan includes cloud storage restrictions or motion-activated recordings only.
  • Upgrade for Enhanced Recording: If your current plan doesn’t meet your recording needs then upgrade it. Premium plans offer features like continuous recording, extended cloud storage, and the ability to customize recording triggers.

2. Optimizing Device Settings for Recording Efficiency

Beyond subscriptions, your Arlo camera’s internal settings also play a crucial role in recording activation.

  • Armed Mode: Check your camera and ensure that it is not disarmed. This activates the camera and makes it ready for recording.
  • Mode and rule settings: Different Arlo models have different rules. check the rule and mode settings in your Arlo app. Review your current mode and rule settings and make adjustments to ensure your camera records exactly what you need to record.

3. Connectivity & Power

A weak or unstable wifi network can disrupt your Arlo camera recording. You can address and fix this problem by following these steps.

  • Signal Strength Check: Grab your phone or laptop and check the signal strength of your wifi near the Arlo camera. If the signals are weak then fix your connection here’s how you can do it:
    • Relocate your router: Relocate your router and place it near the Arlo camera but not too close. (away from the camera by at least 3 feet)
    • Wi-Fi extender: Buy a wifi extender it will improve your wifi signals and will fix your Arlo camera connection issues.
  • Router Reboot: If it’s a temporary glitch try restarting your router. sometimes a simple reboot solves many glitches. turn off your router for about 30 seconds then turn it back on wait some time for the router to boot up and then check your Arlo camera.

4. Power management:

Without sufficient power, your Arlo camera recording capabilities will not work. Here’s how to ensure your camera receives the necessary power to record.

  • Battery checking: check your battery status in the Arlo app if it’s weak try changing it. you can use Rechargeable Batteries such as (Tenergy Li-ion 3.7V 650mAh ).
  • Wired Camera Power Supply: For wired Arlo cameras, ensure a secure connection between the camera and the power cable. Ensure that the outlet is functioning properly. Replace the cable if necessary. You should check the power outlet to make sure it is working. Plug another device, like a lamp, into the same outlet to confirm power availability.

5. Technical Glitches:

Technical glitches can affect your Arlo camera recording functionality but these glitches can be resolved by trying the steps below:

  • Power Cycle Your Arlo Base Station and Cameras: Turn off both your Arlo base station and cameras completely. Wait for 30 seconds, then power them back on in the following order: first, the base station, allowing it to fully boot up, then the cameras. This process will clear temporary memory issues that might be causing recording problems.
  • Firmware Updates: Outdated firmware can cause bugs and compatibility issues that might affect recording functionality. check for firmware updates regularly through the Arlo app and keep your camera updated.

Additional tip:

Clear the lens of your Arlo camera with a microfiber cloth because a dirty lens can’t record properly.


Temperature can also affect your Arlo camera recording. extreme temperatures (hot or cold) can disrupt both your Arlo camera recording functionality and also overall performance. Consider adding shade or insulation for your camera to protect it from extreme temperatures.

Reset your Arlo:

If everything fails then reset your Arlo camera but note that reset will erase all your settings and data. Click Here to learn how to reset your Arlo camera.

Contact Arlo Support

After applying our troubleshooting steps the recording problem of the majority of Arlo users is fixed. but if you still have any issues then contact Arlo support.

Why is my Arlo not saving recordings?

There are a few reasons why your Arlo camera might not be saving recordings. Here are the most common culprits:
Storage limitations: Check if your Arlo subscription plan offers enough cloud storage for recordings.If you need more storage space, you will need to upgrade.

Camera settings: Ensure your camera is set to record on motion detection or other triggers you prefer. Double-check these settings in the Arlo app.

Outdated firmware: Outdated camera firmware can cause recording issues. Update your Arlo camera’s firmware through the app for optimal performance.

Connectivity problems: A weak Wi-Fi signal or internet outage could prevent recordings from saving. Make sure your camera has a strong connection.

If you’ve checked these and your Arlo camera still isn’t saving recordings, Arlo’s support resources or contacting their support team can help diagnose the issue further.

Did Arlo stop free recording?

Yes, Arlo currently requires a subscription plan for cloud storage of recordings on most of their newer cameras. However, there are some exceptions:
Grandfathered Plans: If you purchased an Arlo camera model that specifically advertised “free 7-day cloud recording” before a policy change, you might still have access to that feature.

Local Storage: Some Arlo cameras allow local storage of recordings on a microSD card or USB drive. This eliminates the need for a cloud storage subscription, but you’ll need to manage the storage device yourself.

How do I get my Arlo camera to record without subscription?

Here are two options for recording with your Arlo camera without a subscription:
Local Storage: Many Arlo cameras have a microSD card slot or USB port for local storage. Insert a compatible card or drive, then configure the camera in the Arlo app to record directly onto it. This eliminates cloud storage fees, but keep in mind you’ll need to manage the storage device’s capacity.

Third-Party NVR (Network Video Recorder): If you’re comfortable with a more technical setup, consider using a compatible Network Video Recorder (NVR). This device connects to your Arlo camera and stores recordings locally. NVRs offer greater storage capacity and control compared to microSD cards, but require additional investment.

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