Where is the 5 digit PIN Code On Ring doorbell?

If you have a Ring doorbell and want to find the 5 digit PIN code on your ring device? don’t worry we have provided some primary and secondary locations. most of the time this 5 digit pin code is found there but first know little bit about this 5 digit pin code and how it works.

It’s a special code that keeps your device safe and secure while letting you control it with ease. Here’s how this 5-digit PIN works:

Ultra-Secure Setup:

This 5-digit PIN acts as your Ring’s first line of defense. It’s required during the initial setup process to link your device to your Ring account. This ensures that only authorized users, those who possess the code, can access your live camera feed and recordings – even when you are away from home. this makes the initial process very easy.

Reliable Backup Access:

We’ve all experienced the occasional password slip-up or misplaced phone. the 5-digit PIN serves as your reliable backup. Enter the 5 digit pin code on the Ring app, and you’ll regain your control, allowing you to monitor your home from anywhere, anytime.

Where is the 5 Digit PIN Code on Ring Doorbell

where is the 5 digit pin code on ring doorbell

Ring Doorbell’s 5-digit PIN code is important to maintain proper control and  access to your device. This guide will help you locate the code quickly and easily.

Primary Location: Check the Packaging and Documentation

The most likely spot for your PIN code is the packaging material that came with your Ring Doorbell. Look for it on a sticker, card, or even within the installation guide itself. most of the time people find their 5 digit pin code.

Secondary Location: Look on the Ring Doorbell Itself

The PIN and QR code are directly printed on some Ring Doorbell models. In some models it’s present on the back, bottom, side, or even inside the battery compartment. must check your ring doorbell itself for 5 digit code.

Alternative Location (for Specific Models): The Ring Chime

A few Ring Doorbell models come bundled with a Ring Chime. In rare cases, the PIN code might be printed on the Chime as well. However, this isn’t the standard practice, so check your doorbell itself first.

If still code can’t be found ?

If you’ve checked all the primary and secondary locations and still can’t find your PIN. Try to contact Ring customer support. They can assist you in recovering your account and resetting the PIN.

How Ring Support Can Help

Ring customer support can help you to retrieve your lost PIN:

  • Account Recovery: Ring support will verify your identity and reset your PIN if you’ve forgotten or misplaced it.
  • App Check: If your device is linked to your Ring app, the representative might be able to locate the code within the app itself.
  • Email Confirmation: They might check the email confirmation sent during setup to find the code.
  • Device Check: If none of the above methods work, the representative can guide you through a process to search for the code on the device itself.

Important Note: When you contact Ring customer support, Try to keep your Ring account information and device details ready to speed up the process.

Using these steps, you can find the 5-digit PIN code for your Ring Doorbell. Remember, keep your PIN secure. It’s essential for maintaining control over your device.

Additional Tips for Finding 5 digit PIN code for ring

Here are some extra strategies to consider if you’re still having trouble finding your Ring Doorbell PIN:

Think About Where You Might Have Stored It

Sometimes, we jot down important information like PIN codes for safekeeping. Did you write the PIN down somewhere else, like a notebook, document, or password manager? Consider any places you typically store important codes or passwords.

Search Emails or Account Information (if Purchased Online)

When you purchased Ring Doorbell online, you might have received the PIN in a confirmation email or in your online account information. Try searching your inbox for emails with keywords like “Ring Doorbell,” “Confirmation,” or “Setup.”


  • log in to your account on the retailer’s website and find if there’s a section for order details or product information that might contain your 5 digit PIN.

These additional tips will increase your chances of finding your Ring Doorbell’s 5-digit PIN code.


5 digit PIN code on a ring device is essential for maintaining complete control and secure access. This guide has equipped you with the knowledge to locate your PIN quickly and effectively. Remember, check on the packaging material and also on the ring doorbell itself and also check the additional tips that I have provided above. if you check all the places and still fail in finding the 5-digit PIN code then must contact Ring customer support.


What is the QR code on my Ring Doorbell for?

QR code makes the setup process easy. In the initial setup when you scan the QR code with your smartphone it will connect directly with your ring app. And manual processes will be avoided.

Can the Ring Doorbell be set up without scanning the QR code?

Ring doorbells can be set up easily by scanning QR code. But you can also do it manually by entering doorbell name and serial number.

Where is the QR code located on my Ring Doorbell?

Location of QR code varies from model to model. On the back, the bottom, the side, or inside the battery compartment, it can be found.

Can’t find the QR code on Ring Doorbell?

In the case that you cannot locate the QR code on your Ring doorbell. Then you have to set up manually using the Ring app. click “Add Device” and tap “Set Up Without Scanning.”

Can I use the QR code to connect additional devices to my Ring account?

No, the QR code is different in every ring doorbell. It is used in the initial setup process of the ring doorbell. You’ll need to scan a new QR code or manually enter the details for any additional Ring devices you want to connect to your account.


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