How To Turn Blue Light off on Ring camera? 1 Proven Trick

The blue Led light on ring doorbell is very helpful for the users. it notifies the owner about the current status of the camera like :

  • Solid Blue: When doorbell is in two-way talk mode, allowing you to chat with whoever’s at the door. this light becomes solid blue.
  • Flashing Patterns: Depending on the specific pattern, the doorbell could be indicating motion detection, doorbell presses, charging status, or even needing a Wi-Fi connection

For any reason some user wants to disable it but there’s No “official Ring” option to disable the blue light. but here are some tips which helps many people in this process.

how to turn blue light off on ring camera

Alternative Tip

How To Turn Blue Light off On Ring Camera

(But Proceed with Caution!)

Tools You’ll Need:

  • Blackout Tape: Look for a high-quality blackout tape with excellent light-blocking capabilities specifically designed for LED indicator lights.
  • Small Phillips Head Screwdriver: You’ll need this to remove the faceplate of your Ring doorbell.

Disassembly (Consult Your Manual First!)

Safety Disclaimer: It’s crucial to consult your Ring doorbell’s manual for specific disassembly instructions. There could be slight differences in the process between different models. Generally, the steps involve:

  1. Power Down: For safety, turn off power to your doorbell at the breaker box before proceeding.
  2. Locate the Security Screw: This screw is typically positioned at the bottom of the doorbell’s faceplate.
  3. Unscrew with Care: Using your Phillips head screwdriver, carefully turn the security screw clockwise until it’s completely removed.
  4. Faceplate Removal: Once the screw is out, gently pry the bottom of the faceplate with your thumb while using your other fingers for support in the middle of the plate. You might hear a clicking sound as it comes loose.
  5. Full Removal: With a single, smooth motion, detach the faceplate from the base of the doorbell.

Blackout Tape Applying:

  1. LED Coverage: Use the tape to meticulously cover the round LED on your Ring doorbell. Since the LED is typically circular, cut small pieces of tape and apply them in a circular pattern, ensuring complete coverage.
  2. Faceplate Light Blockage: Next, address the light that might seep through the round translucent plastic “ring” on the doorbell faceplate. Apply 2-3 layers of blackout tape to this area, ensuring complete light blockage.


  1. Faceplate Reattachment: Carefully slide the faceplate back onto the doorbell unit, aligning the attachment tab at the top with the slot on the doorbell. Gently but firmly push the faceplate until it clicks into place, securing its position.
  2. Security Screw: Finally, use the security screw to secure the bottom of your Ring doorbell once again. Tighten it snugly but avoid over-tightening.

Congratulations! (But Remember…)

You’ve successfully modified your Ring doorbell to obscure the blue light. However, remember these crucial points:

  • Warranty Voidance: Modifying your doorbell can potentially void the warranty. If your doorbell malfunctions after this procedure, Ring might not cover repairs or replacements.
  • Potential Damage: Improper disassembly or tape application could damage your doorbell’s internal components.
  • Residue Removal: While some blackout tapes claim minimal residue, there’s always a chance of encountering removal challenges in the future.

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The Drawbacks of Disabling Your Ring Doorbell’s Blue Light

There are may drawbacks when you disable your ring doorbell blue lights:

  • Motion Detection Woes: A key security feature of your Ring doorbell is motion detection. The blue light typically illuminates during motion events, alerting you to potential activity at your doorstep. With the light disabled, you’ll be relying solely on push notifications or live view to identify motion, potentially leading to missed alerts.
  • Firmware Update Frustration: Ring regularly releases firmware updates to improve your doorbell’s performance and address security vulnerabilities. These updates often involve a specific blue light pattern to indicate the download and installation process. By covering the light, you’ll be flying blind, unsure if your doorbell is running the latest and most secure software.
  • Charging in the Dark: The blue light plays a crucial role in monitoring your doorbell’s battery status. During charging, the light usually displays a specific pattern or turns solid blue when fully charged. With the light disabled, you’ll have no way of knowing if your doorbell needs to be plugged in or if it’s reached its full capacity. This could lead to a dead doorbell at a critical moment, leaving your home vulnerable.
  • Recording Ramifications: Many Ring doorbells offer video recording capabilities. The blue light might flicker or illuminate during recording events, providing a visual confirmation that footage is being captured. Without the light, you’ll have no way of knowing if the doorbell is actively recording, potentially creating gaps in your security footage.
  • General Status Updates: The blue light can also indicate other doorbell functions like two-way talk activation, low battery warnings, and network connectivity issues. Losing these visual cues can make troubleshooting any problems with your doorbell more challenging.


How do I turn off the Ring light on my camera?

NO there’s currently no way to disable the light directly through the Ring app. The blue light serves various purposes like indicating motion detection and device status. However, you can explore alternative solutions like strategically placing your doorbell or requesting the feature from Ring.

Can I turn the Ring light off?

No, you can’t turn the Ring light off through the Ring app at this time. The blue light serves important security and functionality purposes.

Is the ring light always on?

No, the ring light on your Ring doorbell is not always on. It typically illuminates only in specific situations:
Motion Detection: When the doorbell detects motion, the blue light might turn on or flash as an alert.
Doorbell Presses: When someone presses the doorbell button, the light might illuminate to acknowledge the action.
Live View Activation: If you’re actively using the live view function on your Ring app, the light might turn on to indicate the doorbell’s camera is in use.
Charging and Updates: During charging, the light might display a specific pattern or turn solid blue when fully charged. Additionally, firmware updates might involve a blue light sequence.

Do Ring lights have blue light?

Yes, Ring doorbells typically have a blue LED light that illuminates for various functions like motion detection and doorbell presses.

Can you turn off Ring status light?

No, you cannot currently turn off the Ring status light through the Ring app. It serves security and functionality purposes, but Ring might add a disable option in future.


Many people wants to know how to turn blue light off on ring camera and this simple trick will help them but keep the drawbacks in mind which I had mentioned earlier its all up to you.

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